Security Policy

In a world filled with increasing technology, most companies now collect a lot of information about you; often without even telling you about it. Companies collect this personal data because it is valuable to them.

Reversify thinks things should be different. We think that the more personal your data, the more critical it is to keep your information safe. That is why we are creating a world where individuals, rather than companies, own their own data, maintain control over their own online existence, and choose who (if anybody) is allowed to advertise to them.

This is exactly what we have built for you. Privacy and security features have been built into the fundamental design of the app, where the system itself protects your data, and only you hold the power to decide how to use it.

Your trust means everything to us, and we know it doesn’t come easy. We believe that to be trusted, you need to behave in a trustworthy manner.

Data and Services Access

  1. We promise to always put you in charge of your own information.

Our app provides you with a unique ability to store your own information on your own device, using triple DES encryption. You decide what information you want to share with us. If you want to stop sharing your information with us, we make it very easy to do this too.

2. No login credential sharing

We think sharing your banking login and passwords represent an enormous security concern. We are the only service of our kind that allows you to enter your banking login details, where they are stored on the device. Nobody except you can access them.

If you enter incorrect credentials three times in a row, you will be blocked from the service, and you will need to call us to identify yourself and regain access.

3. Control

We will always ask for your permission before sharing your information with any third party.

Because you enjoy complete control over who you share your information with, you may choose to share it with your choice of provider, and open new accounts quickly and easily. Or, you may choose, at the flick of a switch, to turn off any of these features. It is entirely up to you. But we will always double-check first: this way, you can trust that your information will never fall into the wrong hands.

4. Information Transfer

When you decide to share information, the data leaves your device to go to another service. We encrypt your data using SSL protocol with 256 bit encryption. Or, to put it another way, it is really, really safe.

In our world, our customer’s Privacy is retained as a right. Not a privilege. And we will not forget that.

A full copy of our Privacy Policy can be found at this link.