Financial Data Aggregation

All of your client’s financial information in one place


Financial Data Aggregation

All of your client’s financial information in one place


Reversify is a data aggregation platform that makes collecting and managing a client’s financial data easy. Your client can consolidate their financial life in one secure location and then effortlessly share that information with you, their key adviser.

Partnering with Reversify enables credit advisers and other financial professionals to leverage technology for enormous productivity gains.

Whether you or your company are mortgage brokers, originators, lenders, lead generators, loan aggregators, accountants, financial advisors or credit advisers you can take advantage of the benefits of Reversify.

Advantages of data aggregation

What we provide you with

  • Enterprise grade financial profiles

    We source and consolidate premium data from credit reporting agencies, asset registries, multiple banks, and identity verification companies to create an enterprise grade financial profile for your clients. Multi-bank, multi-account, multi-currency and multi-person. We collect it and provide it to you.

  • Current client data

    You can’t use old data to provide advice today. Because our software is designed for the client first – and encourages ongoing user engagement – client data will be always up to date. This empowers you to provide more comprehensive advice to your clients.

  • Ease of access

    An innovative client self-service that produces a comprehensive personal and financial profile for each of your clients, and makes it available to you via one single Reversify portal.

  • Fraud protection and error reduction

    When data is collected from the source, fraud is virtually eliminated.
    As the client on-boards themselves, errors associated with manual data entry are significantly reduced.

Advantages to the advisor

Integration to Salesforce and other key CRMs available.

What you can do

  • Get your time back

    Reversify automates time consuming and non-paying administrative tasks so you can spend your time generating new clients, and offering advice.
    Take advantage of the technology and regain productivity.

  • Provide pre-emptive client advice

    Traditional advisers are a commodity.
    Advisers that are able to identify and engage with clients who are experiencing difficulty create irreplaceable advisory relationships that result in industry best retention rates.

  • Proactive financial management

    Monitor your client’s loan / investment performance, and cross-check against commission reports.

  • Protect and grow your future income

    All future client product enquiries are directed back to you, creating additional revenue, whilst empowering you to remain their trusted adviser with minimal effort.

Advantages to the client

What they get out of it

  • All their banking in one place

    Big picture in a single glance. Safely access, view and transact with all their bank accounts in one place, regardless of who they bank with.

  • Effortless financial management

    Categorise expenses automatically, powerful tools to show spending habits, predict future cashflow and assist with budgets.

  • Industry leading security

    Other providers of bank aggregation services require clients hand over their 3rd party banking login credentials. These clients are taking an enormous risk and should be very nervous. Don’t put your clients in this position, use Reversify.

  • Free credit score

    Get a FREE credit score for themselves, and their partner, when they sign-up.

    Best of all it has no impact on their credit rating

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Partnerships and Integrations

Combining the world’s best technology with the most respected data sources.
Reversify was built through collaboration with market leaders in bank account aggregation and customer relationship management; namely eWise and Salesforce.

“Reversify is doing the hard work of unifying a client’s personal and financial data automatically, allowing credit providers to pro-actively manage their customer’s relationship and be meaningful, timely and relevant in their advice and offers.” Alex Grinberg, eWise CEO

In addition we have utilised some first-class applications to provide you with a fully integrated and complete solution.

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